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This Week Our Spotlight Shines On Mrs. Thorp
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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This week spotlight focuses of Mrs. Thrope and here what she has to say.....

1.       I love to see that moment when a student understands a new concept.

2.       I never feel like I have enough time!

3.       We’re working on our critical thinking skills, multiplication and division skills, and equivalent fractions.

4.       I try to incorporate some math games into our week.  Their new favorite is the equivalent fractions game.  They try to flip and match cards with equivalent fractions. They love to get a match!

5.       Equivalent fractions work with multiplication and division. If students don’t know their facts, they can struggle with making those connections.

6.       I think my greatest accomplishment so far this year is defeating the “I can’t” attitude many of them have about math.  They’re learning the adopt an “I haven’t learned yet, but I will” attitude to succeed.

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