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Getting to know Mrs. Oliver
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mrs. Rebecca Oliver keeps her students engaged by making history interesting with lots of fun facts, economics they relate to real life connections, geography by relating what is happening in the world back in the United States or even right here in Dawson Springs. They use educational videos, hands on activities such as assembly line production and also incorporate technology into he classroom. 

The most challenging thing for Mrs. Oliver in her classroom is making sure all students are being met at their level and having fun while learning because many find history a lot of facts and trying to make them remember and also enjoy the subject while teaching. Mrs. Rebecca Oliver is very dedicated to our school and the students and their well being so that makes her one of our good appreciated staff members. 

Join us by thanking Mrs. Rebecca Oliver for everything she does for our Panthers. 

Story by: Erin Orten 

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