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Adding It Up With Mrs. Thorp
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Thursday, February 08, 2018
Mrs. Thorp similes for her picture.
Mrs. Thorp similes for her picture.

Mrs. Jamie Thorp is one of our RTI Math teachers for our Panthers. She enjoys math, and really loves her kids. She wants themn to learn to the best of their ability, and share her love of numbers and all the ways they use them in a daily life. If one strategy doesn't work then she tries other ways to teach each concept. Mrs. Thorp uses games, rhymes, group activites, and hands on activites, also technology, like the Lumio Math Program.  Everything has bright colors and music to keep the studnets engaged and interacting with what they are learning in the lessons.

She has small groups but that doesn't keep her from rewarding her students daily for staying on task like the other classrooms.  She keeps them thinking by asking questions like "why", and "how" to keep them focused. Some challenges are the attitude of defeat from the students. She hears, " I can't do math" or "I'm not good at math", and it's really hard to overcome that attitude because they really feel that way. But she tries hard and loves what she is doing so it makes lessons way easier for her to teach her learning students. 

Join us in thanking Mrs. Jamie Thorp for everything sher does for our Panthers!

Story by: Erin Orten

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