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Spending Time With Tracy Collins
Posted On:
Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dawson Springs Kindergarten teacher Tracy Collins is currently teaching her class letters and sounds. “We are learning how to blend CVC words like log, hog, got, tot, etc.”

The students favorite part of the learning activity is blending the letter sounds on their arms, they start at the shoulder with the first sound, then touch the middle of their arm for the second sound, and touch their wrist for the last sound. Mrs. Collins feels her greatest accomplishment this year is teaching the students to write their first and last names correctly and read sight words in class.

The biggest challenge to Mrs. Collins is keeping everyone focused and on task. “Little bodies can’t sit still for very long.”

Join us in thanking Mrs. Tracy Collins for all that she has done for our students!


Spotlight Produced by Shelby Cranor

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