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Bright Ideas by Preschool
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Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Preschool kids playing in their igloo!
Preschool kids playing in their igloo!

Our little Preschool has been building an igloo for the past month. All parents and students have been sending in milk jugs to build this igloo little by little unitl we get it enclosed for a little Panthers. The Peer tutors,and  teachers Mrs. Kammie and Mrs. Mary, have been working hard to get everything togther and really tight so that the igloo didn't fall on our kids. This is a great way to get the kids engaged in the lesson and focusing on it. Teachers read stories how the igloo works and why they build them for people in the weather and it was great since it was snowed in our own Dawson Springs when we started building. The preschool kids love and still today play and are learning exactly why they build this bright craft!

Story by: Erin Orten 

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