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Ward, Jennifer Principal


James, Laura Assistant Principal, Athletic Director
Wooton, Lori School Counselor

Gray, Paulette Curriculum Specialist

Audas, Tammy RTI Reading



Baird, Chris


4th Grade
Bell, Angelan       Speech Therapy


Cobb, Laura


5th and 6th Grade
Collins, Tracy Kindergarten

Cotton, Lisa 1st Grade
Davenport, Michael 4th - 6th
Dukes, Cindy 3rd through 6th Grade  
Gilbert, Misty 5/6 Math
MS Girls Basketball
Harralson, Jayme Gifted and Talented
King, Kammie Pre-School
Lucas, Laura  K-3
McCuiston, Marcella 1st Grade


Oliver, Becky


5th and 6th Grade
Patterson, Autumn 2nd Grade
P'Poole, Barbara 6th Grade
Schultz, James 5th and 6th grade
Scott, Amanda Speech Therapy


Stuessel, Joni




Cunningham, Lauren


2nd Grade

Abbott, Michelle

3rd Grade 

Johnson, Shelby

3rd grade   

Head, Steven 

3rd through 6th Grade

Bean, Darla Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten
Bell, Angelan Speech Therapy
Castle, Vonda Instructional Assistant
Coats, Melinda FRYSC Assistant
Dulin, Melissa Instructional Assistant  
Fairchild, Amie Instructional Assistant
Franklin, Glenda Instructional Assistant - Kindergarten
Gentry, Delena Instructional Assistant

Johnson, Lucas

ALC Monitor


Lynch, Christy


Instructional Assistant - 2nd Grade
Marsili, Ashley Secretary
Menser, Jackie Instructional Assistant
Morgan, Mary Instructional Assistant - Pre-School
Pace, Charisse Instructional Assistant
Scott, Amanda Speech Therapy
Storms, Jonathan FRYSC Coordinator
Thorp, Jamie RTI Math
Watson, Cathy Instructional Assistant



Wallace, Karen District Technology Coordinator
Spratt, Spencer District Computer Technician


Food Service

Bennett, Ladonna Food Service Director
Blanchard, Angelia   Cafeteria Manager
Bratcher, Jill  cook/baker
Bratcher, Stacey cook/baker
Barnett, Brooke cook/baker
Bourland, Nicole cook/baker 
Drennan, Marybeth  cook/baker
Embry, Angel  cook/baker
Wallace, Sterling  cook/baker



Baird, Chris  
Davenport, Micheal   
Pace-Hooper, LaDonna  


Pace, Lance 


Wallace, Sterling