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  About The School  

Where Excellence is The Standard

We pride ourselves at Dawson Springs Elementary School in providing an excellent education for our students.  We have new programs in place which provide additional help for studnets whose skills may be weak in Reading and/or Mathematics.  If your child comes home talking about Dream Box, Aleks, or Kid Biz, these are the names of the online programs designed to help build skills in those areas.  Children work on these programs 2-3 times a week during their "specials" time.  We are confident these programs, along with your child's hard work, will help increase confidence and ability in these very important subject areas.

Our Vision



The vision of the Dawson Springs Elementary School is to:

Prepare our students to be confident, responsible citizens who possess the educational and social skills necessary for future growth and achievement through a community based education system emphasizing quality, excellence and high expectations

Our Mission



The mission of the Dawson Springs Elementary School is to

create the leaders of tomorrow through what we do today.


Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • All people have worth
  • Productive citizenship does not exist without responsibility
  • Both the individual and society benefit when each individual is educated
  • Education is essential for society's survival
  • Effective communications is essential to success
  • All students can learn
  • Education is a shared experience of the home, community, and school
  • Learning is a life-long journey
  • All students have a right to a school climate that is conducive to learning
  • All students have the right to be educated to their fullest potential
  • Quality, excellence, and high expectations ar the guiding principles of our school
  • Pride in self, school, and community motivates performance
  • The independence of the Dawson Springs School System is vital to our community
  • Service to others is a necessary ingredient of education
  • The best way to provide an education is through a community based school
  • Education involves a mixture of personal, cultural, and academic experiences
  • A mutual respect must be maintained between individuals